For the People: An Interview with Swisher President John Miller, Part 2

Tobacco Business Magazine’s Antoine Reid recently sat down with Swisher’s President John Miller to discuss Swisher’s new blueprint for success in any retail channel with a sales and marketing strategy that puts adult consumers front and center.

In part 2 of this exclusive interview with Swisher International’s John Miller, he discusses what makes the company a competitor in the cigar category and the company’s strategy for partnering with retailers. For part 1, click here.

Reaching Adult Consumers
When Ghiloni retired from Swisher International in 2018, Miller assumed the role of president of the company. Miller’s focus has been on integrating all of the company’s departments into Swisher’s market activity to drive competitive advantage. Previously, Swisher was able to be successful just by making sure it made high-quality products, that it got those products into as many retail outlets as possible through expanded distribution, and that it rolled out marketing campaigns that saw some returns. Those measures of success, however, have changed over the years along with the tobacco industry.

Nowadays, manufacturing, sales and marketing must all perform their roles flawlessly while achieving a higher level of success. In order to carry out these initiatives successfully and to continue to see sales gains, more individuals and departments within the company must get involved.

“We compete with much bigger companies, but Swisher is far more nimble,” says Miller. “What we may not have in sheer number of employees we make up for in speed, trade relationships, adult consumer engagement and commitment. I continue to focus on these initiatives to make us a great, world-class company.”

In 2013, Swisher shifted its focus on not just being the highest volume cigar manufacturer within the industry but also began working on a new goal for its business: to become a world-class consumer packaged goods company. Swisher’s teams began sharing the company’s insights and action plans with its retail and distributor partners. The company’s new focus may not have been clearly seen by consumers, but it was evident by the products it began introducing to the market.

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