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Oppose California Plan to Ban Flavored Cigars

Oppose California Plan to Ban Flavored Cigars – SB 793

Please contact your legislators. Ask them to exclude cigars from SB 793.

BACKGROUND: Senate Bill 793, legislation that bans flavors for all tobacco products including cigars, passed the California Senate and is now before the California Assembly. The bill has been referred to the Assembly Health Committee which was an unprecedented move made by leadership to divert the bill from the proper committee of jurisdiction. While this move by leadership makes passage of the bill more likely, we still have a chance to impact this statewide flavor ban.

In addition, the bill analysis done by the legislature found that California would lose an estimated $407 million in lost sales and excise taxes in just the first 2 years if this bill were to pass! The state is already looking at a $54 billion state deficit that is growing as this pandemic continues to affect how the state operates.


SB 793 is scheduled for a hearing in the Assembly Health Committee the week of July 13.

Please contact these Health Committee members and tell them:

  • To exclude flavored cigars from SB 793
  • Cigars are different than other tobacco products.
  • When it comes to youth usage of tobacco products, cigars are not the issue. Youth usage is very low and declining.
  • It’s wrong to paint all tobacco products with same broad brush, cigars are different.
  • How the flavor ban will impact your business, share your story

The following legislators are members of the Health Committee and all should hear from you: