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State Legislation Updates Regarding Tobacco Products

Updates are provided regarding state legislation on tobacco products and the matters of the age of purchase increase, flavor bans and taxes. These updates were provided August 21, 2019.

Swisher’s Government Relations team provided updates to 2019 state legislation regarding the increase of age to purchase tobacco, the ban of flavored cigars and increase of taxes on OTP (other tobacco products), including cigars, as outlined below.

Updates on legislative issues will continually be shared by Swisher.

Age of Purchase Increase Legislation

Prior to 2019, six states passed legislation increasing the age to purchase tobacco to 21. (California, Hawaii, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, Oregon).

In 2019, 34 states have introduced legislation to increase the age to purchase tobacco to 21. The results are listed below:

The legislation has passed in 12 states with effective dates including:

New York

*Nebraska passed legislation increasing age to purchase to 19, effective 1/1/20.

The legislation was defeated in 19 states: 

Arizona Florida Indiana Iowa
Kentucky Louisiana Minnesota Montana
Nevada New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota
Oklahoma South Carolina Tennessee West Virginia
Mississippi Rhode Island New Hampshire

The legislation is
still pending in 2 states:

Michigan Pennsylvania

Flavor Ban Legislation

In 2019, 11 states introduced legislation to ban flavored cigars. 

The legislation did not pass in any states. 

The legislation was defeated in 9 states: 

Florida Hawaii New Mexico Utah Illinois
Connecticut California Maine New York

The legislation is
still pending in two states: 

Massachusetts New Jersey


In 2019, 28 states introduced legislation to increase taxes on OTP (Other Tobacco Products), including cigars.

The legislation passed in one state: Maine (23% to 43%, effective 7/1/19)

The legislation was defeated in 25 states:

Alabama Arkansas Colorado Hawaii
Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Maryland Minnesota Mississippi New Mexico
South Carolina Tennessee Texas Wyoming
New York Vermont California Connecticut
Nebraska Delaware New Hampshire Oregon
Rhode Island

The legislation is
still pending in two states:

Massachusetts Wisconsin