Products in a world-class all their own.

One look at our lineup and one thing’s for certain — there are countless ways to enjoy quality tobacco products.

From legends as old as the ages to exciting products that defy the status quo, embrace all of life’s moments with the authenticity only a legend can deliver.

Swisher Sweets Cigars & Cigarillos Lineup

Cigars & Cigarillos

Where Swisher got its start and still keeps it fresh. Choose from innovative blends or throwback tastes.

Collection of smokeless tobacco products


You don’t need smoke to get rich tobacco flavor with these moist snuff, dry snuff and chew options.

Collection of Premium Cigars

Premium Cigars

When the mood for next-level cigar satisfaction strikes, look no further than your C-store.

Rolling Papers packages


If rolling your own is more your speed, go all in on a perfect smoke. It starts with the perfect paper.  

Collection of Filtered Cigars

Filtered Cigars

Get the best of both worlds — the blends you love in a convenient package.

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