Since its founding in New York City in 1996, Drew Estate has been credited for leading dynamic industry-wide change while creating unparalleled adult consumer experiences in premium cigars. Visionary branding and market segment creation, fortified with a comprehensive unique omni-channel sales discipline and an unmatched trade programming, defines our hard hitting, all-in strategic approach to virtuous value creation.

The company’s mission and manifesto is “The Rebirth of Cigars.” Drew Estate has been the quintessential catalyst in changing the perception of cigars from strictly indulgence to branded lifestyle. Drew Estate continues to push the envelope of innovation, further propelling its growth and paving the runway for the cigar industry overall. The energy and excitement behind leading brands such as Liga Privada, Undercrown, Herrera Estelí, Tabak Especial, Deadwood, Pappy Van Winkle and Kentucky Fire Cured cigars, as well as the United States’ number one selling premium cigar, ACID, is only matched by the company’s commitment to inclusiveness and diversity in taste and style. Drew Estate’s “house of brands” meets “branded house” portfolio, coupled with its customer-centric approach has resulted in a trusted brand title that is distinctly world class.

Drew Estate is also deeply committed to the arts and culture, most notably in its creation of Subculture Studios, where 52 Nicaraguan graffiti artists work full-time to create and produce one-of-a-kind Drew Estate-branded display and point-of-sale items for retailers, including sneakers, cigar molds, cigar cases, hats and ashtrays. Recently, Subculture Studios has extended its journey into the customization of cigar boxes, further premiumizing its brand portfolio.

Drew Estate was acquired by Swisher in 2014 but positions its rich history of independence and irreverence at the forefront of all its efforts.  As major retail chains look to attract more premium-minded adult consumers to their stores and drive higher margins, Drew Estate remains focused on market disruption through a first-in approach to category creation.

Market Segment Innovation: The company’s vast portfolio of tobaccos, sizes and packaging appeals to the entire premium cigar market and beyond. Drew Estate represents over 15 brands in its house of brands portfolio, with a variety of cigar blends that cater to a vast demographic of adult cigar lovers. Additionally, Drew’s experiential driven platform is second to none, with five “non-product experiential brands,” including Cigar Safari, Barn Smoker, Sticks & Sips, Drew Diplomat and Drew Diplomat Academy.

World-Class Manufacturing: La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate is the largest cigar factory in Nicaragua and amongst the largest premium, hand-made cigar factories in the world. While modern and efficient, La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate is also scenic and tourism based, with more than 500 foreign guests visiting the factory every year as part of the Cigar Safari tourism platform.

Omni-Channel Sales: With a diverse “house of brands” distributed through an advanced, programmatic, channel-centric framework combined with ironclad adult consumer programming, Drew Estate offers unmatched expertise and consultative sales support for strategic retail partners. The “Drew Diplomat Trade Program” is renowned and sets the standard of excellence industry wide. The Drew Diplomat App is Drew’s vehicle to speak directly to its hard core and loyal adult consumers, keeping them in the “first-to-know” position and strengthening brand loyalty.

Dovetailed to our adult consumer app, the Drew Diplomat Trade Program unifies approximately 2,200 independent retail operations across the country with a vision of family and purpose distinctly Drew Estate.

Through these leadership values and initiatives, as well as our ongoing commitment to creating exceptional cigars and experiences, Drew Estate will continue to evolve and growth along with its strategic partners and adult consumers by driving the premium cigar category higher and further than even imagined.


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