Corporate M&A Reimagined

Matchbook Capital serves as the portal for innovative companies, brands, and products to receive capital, access to thousands of retailers and millions of consumers.  Led by former entrepreneurs, we plan to shake up traditional corporate venture practices and seek the same disruption in the brands we fund.

Matchbook Capital considers or acquires ventures that are in the test, build or scaling stages of growth and look for leaders who have an insatiable passion for success.

We are most interested in the following sectors:

Emerging Categories – we believe in the future of the cannabinoid industries and will invest in brands and platforms operating in federally legal space.

Experiential Categories – we are looking for entrepreneurs building platforms that capture large audiences and create rich experiences.

Innovate Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) – we offer capital, strategic guidance, and access to Swisher’s dominant distribution network for companies innovating in the CPG space.

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