Every time. Every place. Every taste. Rogue Holdings brings 100% tobacco-leaf free nicotine products adult consumers can enjoy on their terms — without smoke, liquid or vapor.

Developed with pharmaceutical expertise and a passion for quality, Rogue is the first full suite of nicotine on demand products for the active adult lifestyle. Rogue Holdings is the only modern oral nicotine (MON) manufacturer to have all four forms – pouches, gum, lozenges and tablets.

Modern oral nicotine is continuing to grow as adult consumers look for convenient alternatives. Rogue Holdings brings innovative offerings for consumers — and unique opportunities for trade partners. Sugar-free and free from restraint, consumers can choose bold flavors in a variety of formats, including pouches, gum, lozenges and quick-dissolve tablets.  The MON category is expected to grow 117%* to 113 million units in 2020, which represents approximately $522 million in retail sales.

*MSAi database as of 7/11/20.

292.5% category growth infographic

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