Quality products that adult consumers want, data-driven insights, profit-boosting programs and a commitment to shared success. These are just a few of the ways that a relationship with Swisher delivers everything that you deserve in a business partnership.

Over the years, Swisher has grown into a powerhouse of iconic brands that embrace adult consumers and meet them where they are as they discover and define culture. Their ongoing needs demand that Swisher moves and adapts as they do and this new positioning takes our strategic platform to an even higher level. Innovation and insights have been at the core of Swisher for 160 years and we will continue to embrace what makes us unique – serving the adult consumer through a suite of products that inspire connection and creative expression.

We’ve always been focused on delivering big ideas and better ways to serve you. But now, more than ever, we’re building our company around creativity and innovation to answer adult consumer preferences and drive the future.


To be the leading lifestyle brand for adult consumers by fostering consumer insights, superior customer relationships, and a commitment to innovative thinking and action.


To be the preferred source of iconic brands, products and experiences our adult consumers desire more than any other.


To celebrate human connection, foster creative expression and strengthen community.


Our Success Simplified platform is built on five key offerings:

Innovation – We never stop innovating the products, tastes and packaging that satisfy adult consumers, but it’s also about solving problems creatively for you every day.

Insights – Your growth depends on staying ahead of your adult consumers’ preferences. No one in the industry provides more category expertise to help you know them and position you for success.

Action – A relationship with Swisher is about more than just delivering a great product. It’s about advice, responsiveness, strategy and the programs you need to prosper.

Reliability – In our products you can count on quality, consistency and availability. You can also rely on us as a one-stop partner for your entire OTP shelf and emerging adjacent offerings.

Shared Success – We believe that for success to be sustained, it has to be mutual. It is a philosophy and a practice. Our product guarantees and shared profitability programs prove it every day.

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From day one, Swisher has been driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion to create. Our 160-year history is rich with fearless ideas and achievements that shaped our company and our industry. We’re a proudly independent company with a heritage of building relationships and fostering community.

Since our founding, Swisher has manufactured the highest-quality tobacco products. It all began when David Swisher received a small cigar business as a debt settlement and began selling hand-rolled cigars out of a wagon with his sons. When his sons bought the company, their drive to deliver better, faster and more innovative products was evident early on and remains to this day.

Best known for our legendary Swisher Sweets cigars, Swisher has expanded its offerings to include smokeless tobacco products, premium cigars, and non-tobacco brands that appeal to diverse and changing adult consumer tastes. By bringing Hempire pure-hemp rolling papers and Rogue Nicotine On Demand® products into our lineup, Swisher is setting the standard for inspired enjoyment for adult consumers.

Swisher has become an integral part of modern culture and we are excited about continuing this evolution and growing with our customers. Our new platform will allow us to do even more moving forward.

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Swisher has organized into five strategic businesses that are ideally positioned to continue to provide category expertise, product knowledge and focus that will exceed the expectation of customers and drive Swisher into the future.

Swisher Sweets
Cigar Company

More than just the best-selling large cigars, Swisher Sweets Cigar Company connects the adult cigar consumer with a bond that goes beyond products. This legendary family is a collection of original experiences, exciting offerings and an invitation to explore.

More than just the best-selling large cigars, Swisher Sweets Cigar Company connects...

Fat Lip Brands

Fat Lip Brands' products inspire adult consumers with refreshing quality and convenience, wherever the journey leads. Moist snuff, dry snuff or chew, Fat Lip Brands' smokeless offerings are the go-to choice for honoring traditions and forging new ones.

Fat Lip Brands' products inspire adult consumers with refreshing quality...

Drew Estate

Drew Estate was born out of a pure passion for creative expression and Nicaraguan culture. The result? The rebirth of cigars and a brand that earned a cult following of its own, thanks to products and moments that endure.

Some moments deserve a premium cigar experience. Drew Estate...


Hemp culture is here, and here to stay. Hempire inspires a community that values freedom and self-expression and is committed to sustainability. All Hempire products are 100% pure hemp as well as vegan, non-GMO, lead-free and pesticide-free.

Hemp culture is here, and here to stay. Hempire inspires a community...

Rogue Holdings

Rogue Holdings empowers adult consumers to enjoy nicotine on their terms, anytime, anywhere. From lozenges and tablets to gums and pouches, Rogue Holdings' innovative products and bold flavors deliver Nicotine On Demand® in any setting.

Rogue Holdings empowers adult consumers to enjoy nicotine on their terms...

Matchbook Capital

Matchbook Capital is the entryway for innovative companies, brands, and products to receive capital, access to over 250,000 retailers, and iconic brand equity in emerging industries.

Matchbook Capital is the entryway for innovative companies....

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Swisher has been meeting the needs of adult consumers since our inception. From our category leaders like Swisher Sweets all the way to our advancement of hemp-based and modern oral nicotine products, we work hard to stay at the forefront of the adult consumer market, especially as those needs change and grow.

With more than 200 million adult consumers in the U.S., it should be no surprise that our growth is intrinsically tied to how we pivot and evolve with their changing preferences. Our ability to anticipate and meet market needs based on our insights and research remains our focus as we deliver world-class products that exceed the expectation of the adult consumer.

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Swisher Adult Consumers
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Swisher’s lineup of products enables adult consumers to have a choice for every occasion. What began with a handful of cigars and cigarillos has grown into a portfolio of products that spans the imagination. It includes best-selling cigar brands like Swisher Sweets, BLK, Optimo, Leaf and more. Drew Estate offers a wide range of traditional handmade premium cigars as well as industry leading infused cigars like ACID and Tabak Especial.

Our assortment of smokeless tobacco, including brands like Creek, Kayak and Starr, provides adult consumers satisfaction wherever they go. Finally, Swisher continues to innovate through Hempire, the first 100% hemp rolling paper line that combines premium quality with stay-fresh packaging and Rogue’s line of modern oral nicotine products. Rogue is the only manufacturer to have all four forms of modern oral nicotine delivery – pouches, gum, lozenges and tablets.


If you have want to learn more about our Success Simplified platform and how we deliver everything you deserve in a business partnership, complete the form and a Swisher representative will be in touch with you shortly.

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