Jacksonville, FL (May 24, 2022) – Swisher, a family-owned company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, proudly announces its renewed commitment to community engagement by pledging $1 million in donations in 2023.

With a refreshed strategy led by Marisa Brighton, Swisher’s Senior Director of Community Engagement, the 162-year-old company is placing a renewed emphasis on supporting community causes that tie directly to its core values and shared priorities with employees.

Swisher’s philanthropic efforts will focus on four key areas, including supporting our Nation’s Heroes and Families, Community Health and Wellbeing, Community Revitalization, and Higher Education through strategic partnerships and programs.

“Swisher has long been recognized for its dedication to community service and philanthropy in Jacksonville and beyond,” stated Brighton. “We are reigniting our legacy by forging deeper connections and cultivating enduring partnerships that enhance the quality of life for our community.”

This revitalized focus on community engagement aligns closely with the vision of Swisher President & CEO Neil Kiely.

“As a family-owned company, we carry a profound sense of responsibility to make meaningful investments in the communities where we live and operate,” said Kiely. “Marisa shares this passion and is already establishing key partnerships with esteemed and trustworthy community service providers.”

Swisher commits to investing a minimum of $1 million in community causes and philanthropic initiatives throughout 2023, with a primary focus on Jacksonville, home of Swisher’s U.S. headquarters.

This investment will be channeled through partnerships with local and national organizations that align with Swisher’s core values and strategic focus areas, driving positive and transformative change.