Hempire 4/20 Header Graphic Swisher

Celebrate with Hempire. Clean Pure Hemp Rolling Paper.

Happy Monday from Hempire. We hope this Monday is filled with good naps, great snacks and some of our 100% hemp rolling paper. While your customers celebrate our favorite holiday by rolling one up, you can celebrate ignited sales when you choose Hempire.

Hempire is an all-natural, 100% hemp rolling paper of the highest quality that delivers what customers are looking for in a clean smoking experience.

By offering 11 different quality papers, rolls, tips and packs, you’re sure to satisfy any customer. Its paper and rolling paper accessories are manufactured with European expertise using vegan, pesticide-free and lead-free hemp to deliver the ultimate, pure smoking experience.

Hempire uses innovative packaging with visible brand elements and unique cello wrappers to combat paper staleness and ensure maximum freshness. Delivering a perfect smoke every time, Hempire is a plant-based solution for adult consumers seeking to live a sustainable lifestyle.