Hempire Wraps have been named a Convenience Store Petroleum Retailer Choice Best New Product


Swisher is proud to share that Hempire Wraps have been named a Convenience Store Petroleum Retailer Choice Best New Product. This is CSP’s 18th year holding the contest. The contest honors today’s top innovations and tomorrow’s solutions and focuses on the most innovative and inspiring product launches from the past year. Products were voted on by thousands of retailers and the winning products represent some of the hottest trends in c-stores and retailing right now. See the full list of winners featured on CSP’s website.

Hempire Wraps are the modern “green” take on the traditional tobacco blunt wrap without the tobacco and nicotine. Made with exclusively U.S. farmed organic, high-quality hemp, the all-new Hempire Wraps are infused with aromatics and terpenes that are truly unique in the hemp category. The all plant-based taste lineup includes a variety of blends like Strawblurry Clouds™, Blueblurry Blaze™, Honey Fu-Fu™, Cäli Cream™, Rilla-G™, and Clemen-Terp™. Hempire Wraps are packaged in pouches of 4 rillo-sized wraps, vs. competitors with standard-sized wraps, and come with 15 pouches per display. As with all Hempire products, Hempire Wraps are vegan, GMO-free, and pesticide-free.

While tobacco wraps are more well known in the category, hemp wraps stand apart because of the absence of nicotine, and hemp wraps are realizing tremendous growth in the market. Hemp wraps feel, roll, and smoke very similarly to blunt wraps.

Senior Brand Manager, Adjacent Brands, Nicolas Pettersson, commented on the addition of Wraps to the Hempire lineup, “The launch of Hempire Wraps furthers the company’s development of Swisher as a lifestyle brand with Hempire as one of its core businesses. Hempire Wraps are being introduced in three strategic phases, with a full national launch coming in October and a goal of being in over 20,000 stores by the end of the year.”

Hempire Wraps will soon be available at most convenience stores, smoke shops, and dispensaries around the United States. Hempire is the #1 hemp rolling paper brand by volume. With hemp being all the rage, there is no doubt Hempire Wraps will add an interesting and unique option for users wanting a clean smoking experience. Hempire ultimately gives adult consumers the freedom and flexibility to enjoy pure hemp products that complement their lifestyle.

Swisher aims to position Hempire as a growing lifestyle brand with hemp at its core, creating connections with adult consumers and partnering with our trade retailers to drive growth and customer affinity. For additional product information visit Hempire. Join the Hempire today!

About Hempire:
Hempire, a Swisher brand, offers a wide range of natural combustible hemp products that meet the needs of adult hemp and cannabis consumers with high standards.

About Swisher:
Swisher is an international leading lifestyle company for adult consumers. Best known for its Swisher Sweets Cigars, the company is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Swisher also has a global manufacturing presence in Santiago, Dominican Republic; Esteli, Nicaragua; and Wheeling, West Virginia. Swisher’s superior customer relationships matched with an unwavering commitment to innovative thinking and action have driven the company to grow and adapt to the evolving preferences of adult consumers for 160 years. Visit Swisher to learn more.