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Hempire Expanding Hemp Product Line to Include Wraps

New Product Line Continues Swisher’s Development as a Lifestyle Brand

Jacksonville, FL (August 10, 2021) – Swisher is expanding its successful Hempire product line to include a selection of Wraps, offering two terpene infused wraps along with four flavored wraps. Hempire’s terpene wraps will be among the few smokable hemp products on the market that are infused with terpenes, a constituent of essentials oil responsible for the smell and flavor in all plants and fruit.

The launch of Hempire Wraps furthers the company’s development of Swisher as a lifestyle brand with Hempire as one of its core businesses. Hempire Wraps are being introduced in three strategic phases, with a national launch coming in October and a goal of being in 20,000 stores by the end of the year.

Hemp wraps feel, roll, and smoke like tobacco blunt wraps, and while blunt wraps are best known in the category, hemp wraps are unique due to the absence of nicotine and tobacco. Hempire uses a U.S. farmed organic hemp biomass blend that is proprietary to the brand for a smooth smoking experience. The hemp wraps category is growing at a tremendous rate, up 150% year-at-a-glance with more than 66 million hemp wraps sold in the last 52 weeks*.

Hempire’s wraps do not use synthetic dyes or colors, and its flavors are plant based. In addition, Hempire Wraps will be packaged in pouches containing four rillo sized wraps, rather than two standard sized wraps. Rillo sized wraps are ideal for the adult consumer smoking solo.

The Hempire brand strives to create connections with adult consumers and partner with retailers to drive further growth and customer affinity. Hempire provides adult consumers the freedom and flexibility to enjoy pure hemp products that complement their lifestyle.

*Source: Swisher – MSAi Database 52wks ending 5/22/21

About Hempire:

Hempire, a Swisher brand, is the first all-natural, highest quality 100% hemp rolling paper available in the U.S. that delivers what adult consumers are looking for in a clean smoking experience. Hempire offers 11 different quality papers, rolls, tips, and packs that can meet the needs of any adult consumer. Its paper and rolling paper accessories are manufactured with European expertise using vegan, pesticide-free and lead-free hemp to deliver the ultimate, pure smoking experience. Hempire uses packaging with visible brand elements and unique cello wrappers to combat paper staleness and ensure maximum freshness. Delivering a perfect smoke every time, Hempire is a plant-based solution for adult consumers seeking to live a sustainable lifestyle.



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