Swisher Sweets Life Is Sweet Contest 2021


Swisher Sweets is offering adult consumers the chance to be selected as their #1 fan. Life is Sweet summer contest begins June 21 and runs through August 27. 

Swisher Sweets today announced the launch of an exciting contest, Life is Sweet, along with limited edition Swisher Sweets Red packaging, which will be sure to excite top fans.

Beginning June 21, 2021, and continuing throughout the summer until August 27, 2021, adult consumers can enter the Life is Sweet contest by uploading a photo or video with a caption describing why they are the #1 Swisher Sweets fan. The entries can be uploaded by visiting SwisherSweetsLifeIsSweet.com or by scanning a QR code found on all limited-edition Life is Sweet packaging or contest point of sale. The winners will be chosen based on selected criteria and not by the number of entries submitted.

There will be five bi-weekly prizes of $2,500 cash awarded on July 2, July 16, July 30, August 13 and August 27. The Grand Prize winner will be awarded a 2021 luxury sports utility vehicle, $25,000 cash and the coveted title of Swisher Sweets #1 fan. The Grand Prize winner will be selected among the five bi-weekly winners and notified on or around September 17.

The limited-edition Life is Sweet packaging will be available for this summer only and is sure to be in high demand in convenience stores across the US. Trade partners should be on the lookout for specially marked white shipping boxes to begin arriving in June. The boxes will be marked “DISTRIBUTE IMMEDIATELY” and should be put out on shelves before original Swisher Sweets Red packaging for adult consumers to have access to the QR code for submission. The contest will be supported by various point of sale pieces such as posters and change mats to create awareness of the contest and help drive demand for the limited-edition packaging among adult consumers. The Life is Sweet Contest was designed to drive sales and adult consumer demand, strengthen Swisher’s unique and valuable relationship with its adult consumers and tie product to adult consumer-focused initiatives. To place an order, contact your Swisher representative at 1-800-874-9720 or visit Swisher.com.

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