Swisher Sweet Minis

Mini Size. Big Seller. Sweet Deal. Pre-priced packs available for 3/$1.29 & 3/$1.79.

Swisher Sweets Mini is in high demand and for a limited time, Mini will sell in pre-priced packs of 3/$1.29 and 3/$1.79. The four wide combo pack will include Original, Diamond, Grape and Island Bash.

Swisher Sweets Mini is selling in more than 100,000 C-stores nationwide and these sales are driving large cigar category growth at a rate of over 5%. (MSAi Database 52 weeks ending 12/28/2019)

Mini size. Big seller. Swisher Sweets Mini cigarillos combine all the taste of Swisher’s classic cigarillos in a short, slow-burning smoke. Now you can offer customers an opportunity to savor the Sweet Life, even when they might be short on time.

Give your customers what they prefer with classic Swisher Sweets quality and freshness. Add pre-priced packs of Swisher Sweets MINI for 3/$1.29 and 3/$1.79 to your assortment today and enjoy big sales.

See the full Swisher Sweets Mini lineup or contact your Swisher representative.