Rolling Papers

Hempire offers a selection of standard, unique, and value-based, high-quality 100% hemp rolling paper options priced competitively within the premium hemp rolling paper category. All 11 Hempire rolling papers and rolling paper accessories are manufactured with European expertise using vegan, pesticide-free, and lead-free hemp to deliver the ultimate, clean smoking experience.
The Hempire brand uses innovative packaging with visible brand elements, a unique cello wrapper to combat paper staleness, a 100% natural gum, and Point of Sale that sets itself apart in a store setting for superior retail visibility. All Hempire products carry the same Swisher credit policy – 100% guaranteed sale.

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Available Sizes

Rolling Papers 1
Rolls (13.12 Ft) Small
Rolling Papers 1 ¼
Rolls (13.12 Ft) Medium
Rolling Papers 1 ½
Rolls (13.12 Ft) Large
Rolling Papers King
Freedom Packs 1 ¼
Filter Tips Slim Filter
Freedom Packs King
Filter Tips XL Filter