Rogue Nicotine on Demand® in 100K retail stores 2021


An exciting offering in the rapidly growing Modern Oral Nicotine (MON) category, Swisher’s Rogue line of nicotine products has been enthusiastically received by retailers for meeting adult consumer demand and the company has put a plan in place to have distribution in 100,000 stores by the end of 2021.

Indicative of this rapid growth, the MON category is up 108.5% vs. YAG and is expected to grow 69% to 245 million units in 2021, which represents approximately $1.1 billion in retail sales.*

American-made Rogue Nicotine on Demand® products are 100% tobacco-leaf free, sugar-free, gluten-free and provide a flexible alternative for adult consumers that are looking for a modern, convenient way to enjoy nicotine. Rogue is offered in four formats – pouches, lozenges, gum, and tablets – in a variety of tastes that give users options for how and when they want to use the products. Tablets dissolve in 2-3 minutes; lozenges offer a slow-release option, dissolving in 8-10 minutes; gum can be used for up to 30 minutes; while pouches last up to an hour, are spit free and easy to use.

To reach the ambitious goal of being in 100,000 stores by year’s end, a two-phase plan is being rolled out by Swisher that focuses on expanding Rogue’s presence in existing chain accounts and independent accounts, as 91% of MON products are distributed through convenience stores.**

During Phase 1, Swisher’s focus is on gaining distribution through its partnership with convenience store chains. Chains are proficient at managing inventory to ensure products are kept in stock and consistently merchandised. In 2021 the national account management teams have been able to place Rogue products on many plan-o-grams nationwide, which has had a tremendous impact.

In Phase 2, Swisher has developed a plan for independent accounts that focuses on high-volume MON accounts. A vital store list was created that highlights top MON accounts for each territory not already carrying Rogue. The territory managers are working off this list and offering retailers several different options to increase distribution and help those stores maximize their opportunities in the MON category.

Swisher continues to explore new ways to merchandise Rogue products at retail. There are approximately 6-7 new companies operating in this fast-growing category. Recognizing the importance of a product that stands out when merchandised at retail, the Swisher brand team has developed a concise message that is being delivered on racking and point of sale nationwide.

Looking to the future, Swisher has begun developing plans to further grow this brand in 2022. This includes looking for new ways to incentivize retailers and gain additional space at retail for all Rogue segments (Gum, Lozenges, Tablets, and Pouches).

The expansion of the distribution of Rogue’s Nicotine on Demand® line continues Swisher’s commitment to bring shared success to its trade partners. Contact your Swisher representative to stock Rogue in your store today. Call 1-800-874-9720 or visit

*Source: Swisher – MSAi Database as of 6/19/21. Data 52 weeks ending 6/19/21.

**Source: Swisher – MSAi Database as of 4/18/20.