Rogue Nicotine On Demand for Retailers and Convenience Store Owners

Modern Nicotine Products Offer Retailers New Opportunity With Adult Tobacco Users

Given the limited shelf space behind the customer service counter, it’s important for grocers to understand offerings that go beyond traditional tobacco. Rogue’s diversified line of modern nicotine products can give grocers an edge on making a sale without the confusion. The familiar formats of gums, lozenges, pouches and tablets deliver tobacco leaf-free nicotine in a smoke-free, spit-free way, offering adult consumers a personal approach to nicotine.

While the term “modern nicotine products” may be unfamiliar, this emerging category warrants attention. These products offer ready-to-use nicotine that enables customers to access nicotine when and where they want it. Demand for alternative nicotine has been growing as more smokers seek products that fit their lifestyle. Sales of nicotine pouches have grown rapidly, rising 455% in the fourth quarter of 2019 compared to the fourth quarter of 2018, according to MSA Database data ending Dec. 28, 2019.

Nicotine Pouches Consumer Graph


Rogue® Nicotine on Demand® is the next evolution of nicotine satisfaction for the on-the-go consumer. It is the first American-made, branded line of nicotine products that offer the benefits of no ash, no spitting and no mess. Using innovation as the driver, Rogue delivers thoughtful, modern and enjoyable solutions in contemporary packaging to give customers a choice anywhere smoking, vaping or dipping is not permitted. As a further point of differentiation, all Rogue products are made from the highest-quality nicotine and contain no tar or tobacco.

With these product types, there’s an opportunity to showcase something that is familiar yet novel at the same time. Products such as lozenges, gums, tablets, and pouches are all familiar, but the idea that these formats deliver various levels of tobacco leaf-free nicotine may come as a welcome surprise to tobacco consumers. These products can serve as an additional option alongside customers’ usual products, or as a substitute for a traditional tobacco product. Rogue products have the appeal to reach a diverse set of adult consumers.

Rogue is proud to be the first 100% tobacco leaf-free brand delivering a full line of products optimized for quality nicotine satisfaction. Rogue stands at the forefront of an emerging category offering clean nicotine. By using bold tastes, innovative packaging and competitive pricing, Rogue sets itself apart from competitors with 100% tobacco leaf-free and sugar-free nicotine products that give consumers the freedom to enjoy nicotine on their own terms. The delicious flavors are developed with pharmaceutical expertise to please traditional as well as more adventurous adult consumers.

As the modern nicotine category continues to grow and pouches continue to outperform their prior-quarter sales, Rogue is committed to partnering with retailers to offer the highest quality products. While the shelf space behind the customer service counter has grown increasingly crowded, the Rogue line of products can stand out as an offering for adult consumers looking for a convenient way to enjoy nicotine.