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Branded-Value MST is on the Rise

Swisher’s smokeless portfolio, now known as Fat Lip Brands, carries a strong tradition in moist smokeless tobacco (MST), dry snuff, and chew with brands like Gold River, Navy Dry Snuff, Mail Pouch, Chattanooga Chew, and Starr. We further carry that legacy forward with Creek and Kayak, leading brands in the MST premium and branded value segments.

Recent data has shown branded-value MST totaled 202.3 million cans, which is up 13.8 million (7%) for the latest 52 weeks compared to YAG in c-stores. Approximately 4,600 more convenience stores (4%) are selling branded-value MST, equaling 103,100 during the most recent 13-week period, averaging 38 cans per store per week.*  This represents a significant growth opportunity for convenience stores.

Long cut accounts for approximately 67% of branded-value MST volume, followed by 25% fine-cut and 8% pouches in convenience stores.* Long cut is the only cut showing significant growth, with gains of 1.9MM cans in the last 52 weeks. Meanwhile, both fine cut and pouches have declined 3.6MM and 5.3MM cans in the last 52 weeks respectively.** MST pouch volume is most likely feeling the effects of the explosive Modern Oral Nicotine (MON) category growth. This is especially prevalent in the Pouches segment with leaders like Swisher’s own, Rogue Nicotine on Demand®, shifting the way adult consumers use nicotine products.

Premium MST still leads the category in overall volume with 1.18 billion cans sold in the last 52 weeks.** However, it is not experiencing the same volume and distribution gains that branded-value MST has due to cannibalization of premium MST by the branded-value category.

A third segment of the category, MST tubs, currently has the top growing items in the overall category. Current tubs volume is at 7.5 million tubs, which is an increase of 1.2 million tubs vs. YAG, accounting for solid 20.6% growth. Total distribution of tubs continues to expand with current distribution in 46,100 stores, up 5,400 stores (12%) in the period. With continued distribution growth, Tub unit velocity grows as well currently at 3.1 UPSPW. ***

How does this relate to your adult consumer’s favorite Swisher MST products?

Fat Lip Brands offers adult consumers 100% American-grown blends that are grounded in quality and affordability. From branded value MST to chew and dry snuff, Fat Lip Brands has all the brands and expertise to help convenience store owners stock their shelves and increase their profits.

In the branded-value segment, Swisher products continue to gain traction. Branded-value MST saw gains in both volume and distribution. Kayak MST is in approximately 34,800 stores, increasing 4,600 (13%) and averaging 11 UPSPW. While premium-value Creek MST is in approximately 6,800 stores, averaging 3 UPSPW. *

Wintergreen continues to be the preferred blend for the branded-value MST segment. However, straight and mint are the only two blends that are outpacing the category, with straight up 9.3% & mint up 11.4% vs. YAG. ***

To learn more about all of Fat Lip Brands’ offerings visit swisher.com/businesses/fat-lip-brands or to place an order, contact your Swisher Sales Representative or customer service at 800-874-9720.


*MSAi Database as of 52 weeks ending 7/3/21 – SWISHER.
**MSAi Database as of 52 weeks ending 6/19/21 – SWISHER.
***MSAi Database as of 52 weeks ending 5/22/21 – SWISHER.

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