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Company Focuses on Employee Engagement & Development

Swisher spent much of the second half of 2020 rolling out the company’s new direction: a bold future focused on innovation for the modern adult consumer.  And while this new identity embraces heritage while signaling a future of broader, modern and more diverse offerings, Swisher has been keenly focused on ways to empower employees to grow along with the company.

Employee growth and development, along with Swisher’s mission to serve the community, have always been a meaningful part of corporate culture.  In a continuing effort to engage and develop employees, Swisher has rolled out SwisherU, which includes on-demand, eLearning, along with virtual development programs. SwisherU provides employees with access to different levels of professional development with a particular emphasis on programs related to leadership and career development. In addition to the ongoing programming, every few months, the team behind SwisherU search for the best TED talks, featuring inspirational speakers who focus on confidence and leadership issues. The most recently selected TED talk featured Brittany Packnett, an activist, educator and writer, who inspires viewers with three ways to “crack the code of confidence.”

Swisher also makes sure to highlight their employees with ongoing Employee Spotlights. Each month, Swisher selects a few employees from departments across the organization that can offer perspectives about growth, leadership or innovation. These employees are then interviewed and the Employee Spotlight is featured on Swisher’s social media channels and in the internal employee newsletter, The Swisher Pulse.

Another important employee engagement program, Swisher Service, began in 2015.  Swisher Service provides opportunities for employees to fulfill the company purpose “to celebrate human connection, foster creative expression and strengthen community.”  With more than 30 projects serving organizations across Northeast Florida and beyond, Swisher Service continues to be a uniting force for employees across the organization.

Swisher is always seeking new ways to highlight and engage employees, whether through eLearning programs, Employee Spotlights or serving their community. Swisher believes that employees are the backbone of what drives the company to be the category leader in adult consumer lifestyle brands.


About Swisher:

Swisher is an international leading lifestyle company for adult consumers. Best known for their Swisher Sweet Cigars, the company is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Swisher also has a global manufacturing presence in Santiago, Dominican Republic; Esteli, Nicaragua and Wheeling, West Virginia. Swisher’s superior customer relationships matched with an unwavering commitment to innovative thinking and action have driven the company to grow and adapt to the evolving preferences of adult consumers for nearly 160 years. Visit https://swisher01.wpenginepowered.com/about/ to learn more.

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