Man doing maintenance on solar panels

Swisher Goes Green With Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic System

The Swisher Engineering team has partnered with A1A Solar to commission a pilot-sized 6,000 square foot solar photovoltaic system.  Mounted on the roof of the main building of Swisher’s Jacksonville, Florida headquarters, the custom solar PV system consists of 158 USA-made modules which can produce a total of 57.5 kW.

By going solar, Swisher is projected to offset energy usage by 82,500 kilowatt-hours per year, the equivalent reduction of 7,285 gallons of gasoline in carbon dioxide emissions. Environmentally, this impact is the equivalent of switching 2,100 incandescent lights to LED bulbs. “If 100 additional companies in the greater Jacksonville area followed suit, we could reduce the ecological footprint of Jacksonville by 1,260 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year,” said Pete Wilking, president and founder of A1A Solar.

The efficient solar photovoltaic system can increase energy output by tracking the maximum power point and reporting real-time performance. This type of project will enable Swisher to not only offset energy usage, but it opens the door to explore future projects that could minimize environmental impact.